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DB2 Range Announced at NAMM 2017

17 January 2017

DB2 Range Announced at NAMM 2017

The finest components combined with a flawless construction results in stunning style, tone and versatility.

Hailing from Essex, UK, Hayden Amplifiers are a top name in valve amplification and are the suppliers of rich tube tone for musicians such as Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, Jesse Hughes of The Eagles of Death Metal and British guitarist, Phil Hilborne.

The Hayden team boasts the well known – if not legendary tube amplifier guru, Dave Green as their chief electronics engineer and amp designer. Dave has over two decades of experience in building quality tube amplifiers, having previously worked at Matamp, Orange and Hiwatt. Despite his long-standing success in the tube amplifier world, Dave remains a down to earth northerner who has been with Hayden Amps for 10 years. Hayden Amps are known for being a family run business and in keeping with this, Dave’s wife even works alongside him in Hayden’s UK Custom shop.

There is no doubting that Dave Green and the guys at Hayden Amplifiers’ UK Custom Shop have been busy over the last year, ready to spoil us with some brand new product lines at NAMM 2017. To put it simply, Hayden’s 2017 product guide is defined with three simple words. Class with Glass.
The DB-2

From its conception to its realisation the Hayden Amps DB-2 range was designed to exceed what guitarists have come to expect from a modern guitar amplifier, resulting in outrageous sonic gratification.

The Hayden Amps DB-2 is an amplifier that has to be experienced and not simply played. The finest components combined with a flawless construction results in stunning style, tone and versatility.

Drawing inspiration from classic valve amps of the past - a true beauty both in style and tone, each DB-2 is meticulously hand built in Essex by Hayden’s UK Custom shop. A match-made combination of exploring traditional hand wiring techniques, utilising an open architecture construction and using the highest-grade components makes the DB-2 an amp that’s built to last with a tone that guitarists have only ever fantasised over until now.

Featuring custom designed and built transformers and the shortest possible signal path, DB-2 amps are designed to make the player feel truly connected to their instrument with a level of touch sensitivity rarely found in modern guitar amplifiers.

English and American style 3D clean and crunch tones effortlessly cut-through from channel 1 of the DB-2, while creamy full bodied lead sounds full of rich harmonics and sustain can be found on channel 2. Exploring further tonal shaping is quick with the DB-2’s variable treble, middle and bass EQ controls.

Hayden DB-2 amplifiers are constructed using Latvian birch marine grade plywood and are perfectly tailored with a luxurious heavy duty blue diamond vinyl with cream piping and a silver blue cloth grill, for a premium look to match its superior sound.

Encompassed in the DB-2 series’ product line up is a single head, the DB2-EL34H and three combo options, the DB2-EL34-C112-JBB, DB2-EL34-C112-CAG and DB2-6V6-C210-JEN. The 2 x 10” combo features 6V6 power valves and is fitted with Jenson P-10 Alnico Speakers, whereas with the 1x10” Combos - fitted with EL34 tubes as standard - come in two speaker options, Jenson Black-Bird Alnico or Celestion Alnico Gold. Using Alnico speakers on each of the combos provides a truly authentic vintage tone with the 1x12” having a more modern slant to the overall tone and feel.

In the cabinets department are two speaker configurations; an open backed 1 x 12” or an adjustable open/sealed back 2 x 10”. Both cabinets are available in two speaker brand variations - Jensen Black-Bird or Celestion Alnico Gold.

Being built in Hayden’s UK custom shop, each amplifier is specifically made for you and as such, you have the opportunity to further customise your amplifier to suit your style, with a choice of 6 different vinyl colour options as well as various speaker options and configurations. For those craving a truly personalised guitar sound, Hayden Amplification offers the unique prospect and experience of custom fine-tuning your desired tone with one of our Engineers at their UK custom shop.