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The Vanquish Announced at NAMM 2017

17 January 2017

The Vanquish Announced at NAMM 2017

Inspired by the best British valve amps of the 60s and 70s...

Hayden’s Vanquish is a truly timeless rock guitar amplifier head that delivers more tone than you can shake a stick at - from vintage cleans and crunch tones through to some of the more modern, higher gain tones.

Hand built in Essex, at Hayden’s UK Custom Shop and elegantly wrapped in stunning custom black diamond vinyl covering, The Vanquish looks as good as it sounds.

The dual channel Vanquish (Vanquish-EL84) delivers 30 watts powered by 4 x EL84 output valves. Hugely versatile, The Vanquish has the incredible ability to switch the EQ stack completely from a UK voicing to a far more American sounding EQ - and back again, whilst the ‘cascade’ button increases the front-end gain level to allow earlier or later break up - providing a huge tonal palette from such a simply designed control panel.

The Vanquish’s output power can be switched from 30 watts down to just 3 watts for home use/recording sessions, whilst a valve driven and recovered FX loop allows the for player’s favourite modulation style pedals to run straight into the power amp without loss of quality. The ‘Boost’ control brings in an extra tube stage right at the front, just like a classic boost pedal for a more front-end, in your face push.

Pair the Vanquish with Hayden’s new line-up of cabinets including the H-112 - 1 x 12” and H-212 - 2 x 12”, each hand built in the UK and loaded with Celestion Cream-back speakers. These rather special speaker cabs are specially designed to not only compliment the stylish looks of the matching amp head, but also praise the wide tonal possibilities and power of the Hayden guitar amplifier heads - delivering no compromises in terms of tone or performance.

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