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Lil' MoFo 2W all-valve head

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Lil' MoFo

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Delivering 2 watts of pure all valve tone the Lil' MoFo head is a guitar amp with a whole lot of attitude, tone and versatility. From warm classic clean tones with real depth to plexi-esque classic rock crunch, right through to high gain hard rock the Lil' MoFo head does it all. Best part of all is real valve tone at sensible volume levels meaning you don't have to compromise your tone when playing at home or recording. 

Designed from the ground up The 
Lil' MoFo has been engineered as a small, light weight all valve amp to rehearse and record with. Where tone, portability and versatility are essential without excessive volume the Lil' MoFo is the perfect option.

Features include an Aux in Mini Jack with Mix Control for playing along to your favourite tracks. A headphone out for silent practice. A direct record out for silent recording and an integral dummy load removing the need for the head to be connected to a cabinet when using headphones or recording.

Clothed in a stylish rugged steel casing with an industrial strength coated texture finish the Lil' Mofo is built to last. Integral handle and clean simple front and rear panel design complete the exterior.

Internally the amplifier features the over sized high performance transformers Hayden has become famous for and the pre amp consists of 1 x 12AX7 valve plus an EM84 'Magic Eye' Indicator valve. The 2 watt output comes courtesy of a single ECC82 valve. The totally passive EQ controls feature Bass, Middle and Treble controls and allow a huge array of tones that are quick and easy to dial in.

  • Lil' MoFo - 2 Watts from 1 x ECC82 valve
  • Aux line in with MIX control to practice along with your favourite MP3 or backing tracks.
  • All Valve preamp for classic clean tones through to full on hard rock
  • 8 Ohm speaker output for a variety of cabinet options
  • Headphone out via mini jack
  • Recording out with integral load for silent recording
  • Gain, Bass, middle, treble , Mix, master controls
  • ECC 83 tube preamp
  • EM 84 Magic eye indicator
  • Rugged steel chassis with industrial texture finish

Lil' MoFo Specifications

Power Output (RMS) 2 Watts All Valve
Power Requirement Mains input voltage to suit country - NOT changeable
Speaker Outputs 8-16 ohm minimum
Line Input 3.5mm mini jack 100mV sensitivity with mix control
Line Output Rec out with internal dummy load
EQ Bass, middle and treble controls passive tone stack
Effects Send No
Effects Return No
Pre-Amp Tubes 1XECC83
Output Tubes 1XECC82
Distortion Gain control and master volume
H x W x D (mm) 135x205x155
Weight (kg) 4