DB2 Amps

DB-112-JBB Open-backed 1x12” speaker cabinet with Jensen Black-Bird speaker

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The Hayden DB-112-JBB is an open-backed 1x12” speaker cabinet featuring a single Jensen Black-Bird speaker. Using Alnico speakers provides a truly authentic vintage tone whilst the 1x12” speaker configuration provides a more modern slant to the overall tone and feel.

Hayden’s DB-2 range has to be experienced and not simply played. The finest components combined with a flawless construction results in stunning style, tone and versatility.

Hayden DB-2 speaker cabinets are constructed using Latvian birch marine grade plywood and are perfectly tailored with a luxurious heavy duty blue diamond vinyl with cream piping and a silver blue cloth grill, for a premium look to match its superior sound.

Hand Built in the UK, just for you.

Being built in Hayden’s UK custom shop, each cabinet is specifically made for you and as such, you have the opportunity to further customise your amplifier to suit your style, with a choice of 6 different vinyl colour options as well as various speaker options and configurations.

DB-112-JBB Specifications

Power Output (RMS) 50 Watt
Speaker Configuration 1x12