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The Waiting Room Delay pedal

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The Waiting Room

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Straight from Dr Greens surgery The Waiting Room provides the consistency and reliability of a digital delay yet produces a warm organic reproduction of your original signal.

The Waiting Room is a player friendly high quality delay pedal that ranges from a light analogue like delay to full bodied tape like sounds, whilst its’ total transparency keeps the original signal in tact. Perfect for the player who wants to add a high quality yet simple to use delay pedal to their set up.The pedal also features true bypass switching and is housed in a custom designed steel casing that will stand up to being stomped on night after night.

The Waiting Room Specifications

Power Requirement 9V (Centre pin negative power supply)
H x W x D (mm) 61mm (Inc Knobs) x 67mm x 130mm (Inc Sockets)
Weight (kg) 0.48